Howard Ross

Howard Ross comes from Boldon, his parents used to own the paper shop in the Follie in West Boldon during the forties and fifties.

 He has directed a number of TV series over the years.  Some of his best known are:-

Please Sir (1968) by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey, starring John Aalderton and Derek Guyler

On The Buses (1969) by Ronald Chesney and Ronald Wolfe

Ours is a Nice House (1969) a Sitcom starring Thora Hird

The Other Reg Varney (1970) by Ronald Chesney and Peter Dulay starring Reg Varney and Peter Jones.

The Fenn Street Gang (1971) by Andy Baker and David Barry starring David Barry and Peter Cleall

The Trouble with Lillian (1971) starring Patricia Hayes and Dandy Nichols

I have been unable to get of photo of Howard so if any of his family are still in the village perhaps you could be kind enough to let me have a copy.

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