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St. George's Church East Boldon



The Revd. Canon Raymond Dick

The Ven. Stuart Bain  (Tel: 0191 536 2300)

Church Wardens
Mrs. Edna Ford (0191 536 )    and  Mrs. Margaret Rutherford (0191 548 3709)
Times of services.
Sundays     Sung Eucharist    9.30 am followed by coffee and biscuits.
Tuesdays.  Eucharist               9.30 am followed by
coffee and biscuits.


St George's Church (the parish church of East Boldon)
East Boldon was originally in the ancient parish of St. Nicholas, West Boldon.  By the mid 19th century a former nonconformist chapel was being used as a Chapel of Ease for the people of East Boldon.  A new parochial Chapel, which is now an auction sales room was built on the north side of Front Street in 1906.  Fund raising for a parish Church for East Boldon began about this time and the site was purchased in 1912 but the foundation stone was not laid until 1922.  Charles Hodgson Fowler designed the first stage which was consecrated in December 1923.  Ten years later a large extension, designed by  Edmund Oakley in basilican style was built to the south of the original church and consisted of a large nave with an apsidal sanctuary and an organ gallery which forms the principal area of worship in the present church.  The foundation stone of the extension  was laid by Sir John Priestman. KT. 21st July 1933 and it was consecrated by The Lord Bishop of Jarrow on 21st April 1934.  This extension forms the nave of the present church, the  Fowler's Church being screened off during the process.  The Church's organ was a gift from Sir John Preistman, the Sunderland ship owner, philanthropist and churchman, who was a keen organist.
Major alterations were undertaken in 1986 to make better use of the old nave area, to provide improved or new facilities for educational and recreational use for the church congregation and to create a more effective weekday worship area.  The principle element of work was the introduction of a new first floor running the full length of the old nave providing a multipurpose hall area ( 112sq.m) with a self-contained kitchen for the preparation of refreshments and light meals.  The existing ground floor area of the original Fowler's Church was divided up so as to define a specific area for the Lady Chapel, seating about 40 people and incorporating the original altarpiece entitled "The Annunciation" which was painted by John Hanson Walker in gratitude for the local vicar having cared for his grand daughters after their father had died. There is also a parish office, a small meeting room with a general purpose utility room and a servery for the preparation of light refreshments. Her Majesty the Queen Mother assisted in the fund raising for the venture by donating a loving cup to be raffled in the parish.

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