Catherine Lynch


Catherine Lynch loves horses her Arab mare, Sina, is 7 years old and came from Combe Farm in Devon.  The foal, Tia, was sired by Rivaz Pageant, an appolosa hence the patch on the rump of Tia.

Tia has had a foal this year 2011 but I was notable to get a picture.  Have you got one?

In April 2003 Sina had an accident at a jumping competition at Holmside Area in Waldridge and had a stress fracture in the cannon bone and was order 4 months box rest and her rider Catherine fracture a bone in her face but she couldn't have any box rest at all.  Sina must be accident prone, she also had an accident with a barbed wire fence the night before the photos with Catherine were taken.

Cathering has two daughters, Kate and Emma who are both keen riders.  Kate has a pony called Brambles for 6 years and Emma has had Mindy for 2 years.  They both, they both keep their ponies at Tile Sheds Farm while Catherine keeps Sina and Tia on Mr. Lockies farm.

I have just learned from Catherine that a pony is only known as a "pony" until it grows to 14 hands 2 inches after which it is called a horse.-

Click here to see pictures of Catherine, Sina and Tia

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