Hilary and Wout

Farewell Party 22nd January 2005

Hilary and Wout met in 1997 in a pub in Dordrecht in Holland when Hilary was visiting an English friend who lived there.

Hilary had lived in Holland for a year after sailing from Tenerife with a Dutch friend.  She went back to England in 1996 but regularly visited Holland.

In 1990, after flying up and down between England and Holland for a few years, Wout decided to emigrate from Holland to England.  At first he had difficulty in finding work (perhaps because of his age.) but after about 6 months he found work in the kitchen of the Friendly Hotel in West Boldon.  Both Wout and Hilary worked for almost ten years at the Friendly during that time worked himself up to become Assistant General Manager while Hilary worked in the restaurant and in housekeeping.  In the year 2000 there was reorganisation in the hotel and wout was made redundant, luckily for them, at the same time the Travelling Man was up to let so Hilary and Wout applied for the tenancy.  There application was successful and they started as licensees of the Travelling Man in October 2000.

Since that year they have produced a very successful business and have made many good friends in the process but we shall have more to say about they soon.  All of their friends and customers wish them every success and happiness in their new venture.

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