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The Wheatsheaf Hotel


The Wheatsheaf, West Boldon

Opening times:-

  • Monday - Thursday   3pm till 11.30pm
  • Friday and Saturday   11:30 am till 12:00 pm
  • Sunday                    11:30 am till 11:30 pm

There is regular entertainment.  Click here for details

Home cooked food is available from noon till 6pm, either in the bar or the restaurant.

Bar menu

 Homemade Soup £2.25 
 Oven-baked jacket potatoes £3.50 

 Burgers 1/4 lb      Plain
 Cheese, garlic or BBQ

Crisp lettuce with a jumble of tomato, cucumber, sweet peppers,
red pepers, carrot and celery in a light dressing.
Choose from:- Baked ham, Cheese savoury, Prawn marie-rose,
Tuna red onion & sweetcorn, Garlic chicken or  Roast beef.
 Sandwiches in Traditional stotty or soft Baguette £2.95 
A soft tortilla folded around your choice of filling, served with a dressed salad
garnished with jacket potato wedges
Served with a dressed salad garnished, jacket potato wedges and coleslaw.
 Fries  £1.00
 Fries with cheese, garlic dip, BBQ dip, sweet chili dip  £1.60
 Potato wedges  £1.25
 Potato wedges with cheese, garlic dip, BBQ dip, sweet chilli dip  £1.85
 Onion rings £1.50 
 Mixed salad £1.50 
 Garlic Bread  £1.95
 Garlic bread with cheese £2.50 
Selection of tempting gateaux. ice creams and hot puddings
 Coffee £1.25 
 Cappuccino £1.50 
 Latte  £1.50

Mouth watering specials from £3.95
Examples of daily specials

 Braised mince with  crispy dumplings  
   Crunchy garlic chicken  
   Peppered beef  
   Stir fried pork  
   Seafood pasta  
   Mushroom & leek stroganoff  
   Tikka masala  
  Red pepper & spring onion fishcakes   
   Beef Bourguignonne  
   Roasted vegetables & pesto pasta  
   Homemade pies  
   Leek & bacon suset pudding  
   Lemon chicken  
   Sweet and sour  
   Fillet of con in crisp beer batter  


 Whitby scampy  
   Lamb tagine  

Steak Nights

 Monday to Wednesday and Saturdays

2 meals for £15.00


8oz Rump Steak

Special Coffee or Tea


            • Adult £6.00
            • O.A.P. £500
            • Children £4.00
            • Vegetables only £1.95
            • Deserts £1.95

Sunday lunch
3 Courses £8.95
2 Courses £7.95
Main course only £6.95
All World Cup games will be shown live in the bar.






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