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The Shack, Boldon Colliery
May 2002
The Boldon Colliery North Road Social Club and Institute
The club was formed after the First World War from "The Comrades of the Great War" and was registered in 1928 by the Industrial Provident Society Act as "The Boldon Colliery North Road Social Club and Institute".
Until 1952 the premises consisted of a large wooden hut hence "The Shack", the present name of the building. It had a bar, a billiard room and a committee room. In 1952 it was decided to build the present structure whose austere exterior belies its very comfortable interior.
There is a very friendly atmosphere where the members enjoy the use of  two lounges one accommodating 300 people and the other 80 people,  there is also a bar for 300.  On the first floor there is a ballroom with a fully sprung maple floor, a bar and room for 300 dancers and diners.
Jack Curnow explained to me that there is a vast range of activities, competitions in Snooker, Pool and Dominoes along with regular Bingo and disco sessions, live music every Saturday, trips out for the children and support for the elderly.
The club is very busy indeed with two and a half thousand members so new membership has had to be restricted to the sons of the present members.
The Ballroom


The Main Bar

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