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The Quadrus Centre

This building was the overall winner of the Award for New Building by the South Tyneside Good Design Awards Scheme in 2006.

The Quadrus Centre is an extraordinary £5 million managed office development.  Opened in 2005, this distictive lakeside building is hoped to become a state of the art launch pad for new and growing businesses in the Borough.

Assessors Comments

This striking landmark building offers a bold and imaginative statement at one of the key gateways to the Borough.  The project demonstrates how a new building can make a challenging design statement and contribute to the landscape character of the wider area.  The quadrus Centre demonstrates an exceptional level of architectural ambition, providing a high quality working environment for the occupiers of the building.

My thanks to Les Milne of the Awards Team for the photograph and information.

Design Team - Ryder HKS, Parr Architects, Insite Environments

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