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Boldon Archers


CLEADON ARCHERS are a friendly club of well over 130 archery loving members, based next to Boldon Cricket Club in the Spring/Summer season and at Boldon CA during Autumn/Winter.
We have no restrictions on membership, other than a lower age limit of 10 Years. Shooting arrangements and handicap ratings are in place for Ladies and Gentlemen, Adults, Juniors and Juveniles, as well as Visually-Impaired (VI) archers of any age. All bow types are catered-for, with high-tech Compound bows often seen next to recurve bows and traditional longbows!
The club was founded on the 12th of August 1949 by Mr Cliff Atkinson. It was this club which was instrumental in forming the Durham Archery Association, now the Durham and Northumberland Archery Association. Members of Cleadon Archers have represented Great Britain in teams competing in a number of World Championships and also at the Olympics; it would be difficult to mention a year in which the Durham and Northumberland County Team did not contain one or two members of the club.
In administrative capacity, members of Cleadon Archers have played an active part at County, Regional, National and even International level.
During it's existence the club has had its share of ups and downs. There has been a falling off of membership and problems with finding a shooting range, but, while other clubs have come and gone, Cleadon Archers remains a strong club. There is nothing quite like it when the whistle blows for sighters and, as the archers take up their places on the shooting line, it can sometimes be seen that an entire detail consists of the contingent from Cleadon.


Lots of information about the club is available on our website at


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