Program of meetings for 2016
Meetings are  normally held at 7 p.m. 
Grey Horse, Front Street, East Boldon

January 26th                Larry Hetherington “Sunderland Life Brigade”

February 23th                 Roma Garbutt   “Europe Ascendant”

March 29th               Major Anthony Tate “2014 War Horse Ride - WW1 Centenary”

April 26thA               Sue Balmer “How well do you know your Boldons?”


May 31th                  Denise Thrubron Visit to Seaham Hall,  Coach will leave the Grey Horse at 6:30 pm


June 28th                  Walter Carr “Old South Shields”


July 26th                   Anne Witherington “50 Years in Boldon“ Pt 2

                                              Followed by AGM


August 30th              Ray Headley “Destiny”


September 27th         Forum


October 25th             Margaret Davison “Great Uncle in WWI”


November 29th         Geoff Phillips “History of Radio”


December                No Meeting

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